Who We Are

Cheltenham & Gloucester Unitarians meet at Bayshill Unitarian Church, and our services take place in what used to be our Church Hall, behind the original church building, which is now occupied by the Cotswold Auction Company.  (See How To Find Us)

We are a community of diverse individuals who recognise the deeply personal nature of belief, and gather to nurture one another’s lifelong spiritual growth. Our guiding principles are love, joy, freedom, mutual respect, peace and justice.  We invite anyone regardless of age, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation to join us for any of our services and activities. You will be very welcome to join us for spiritual enquiry, worship, community building, and more!

These are quotes from individual members of the Cheltenham & Gloucester congregation, to show you that we really do have diverse views!

There’s the ability to say I/We don’t know all the answers.

Unitarianism is where I fit spiritually.  Having tried for years to ignore dogma and disregard creeds it was a relief to put them aside and be honest with myself. My spiritual thinking has broadened and I am emerging into who I can become.

I feel supported as well as challenged in my beliefs, ideas and spirituality.

I believe that Jesus lived to guide us rather than died to save us.

We don’t assume science and religion are incompatible.

It’s a time to switch off my mind as well as my body in order for the spirit to
develop in me.

A place where I feel accepted and valued as a gay man for who I am.

A strong fellowship that meets in a circle where all are equal.

Religion and spirituality never comes in a ‘one size fits all’ format. Our varied services, including readings and ideas from different world religions, offer times for quiet reflection as well as opening up discussion.

A spiritual community that accepts atheists!

On my first visit, I was greeted by the then Minister, Rev Michael Dadson, who said “You are welcome to walk with us for as long as it seems right; now come and sit by May. She is an atheist and she will keep you straight.

I gather together on a Sunday to recharge my spiritual batteries.

I’m a Unitarian because despite a keen interest in the spiritual side of life and the question of why we’re here I’ve never been able to subscribe to the certainty or the specifics offered by a mainstream religion.

I find it a home of the spirit and inner peace.

I’d never heard of a “Unitarian” until I met one in Canada. The first service I went to was attended by over 300 people! It was very uplifting – I had suddenly come across the largest gathering of people that while not thinking the same as me, thought in the same way.

Our worship hours are thoughtful, varied and everyone’s opinions are respected.

Bayshill’s church is my ‘lay by’ on the busy road of life, where I can pull in to recharge my battery and study the map for the ongoing journey.

A moment of peace in an otherwise hectic week.