Sunday Service – Cafe Church on the theme of “Growth”

Event Date: July 31, 2016 Time: 11.00AM
Venue: Bayshill Church, Cheltenham

We held our second “Café Church” on Sunday 29th May, and again it was a real success.  We spent the beginning and end of the service as usual, seated in a circle around our central chalice, but for the rest of the time we sat in groups of 3 or 4 people at tables, drank coffee or tea, ate cake, and had lively discussions on the topic of “Endings and Beginnings”, which seemed a very appropriate subject as it coincided with Don leaving us, and our need to look forward to how our church will progress in the future.  We were joined by some members from Cirencester and Herefordshire congregations, and on each table Dr Kevin Watson had provided a slightly altered “Snakes and Ladders” board with questions for us to talk about whenever we landed at the top of a ladder – or at the bottom of a snake!  It was certainly a fun way to explore the issues, and Alison Thursfield had given us an explanation of the ancient origins of that familiar children’s game, which had much more spiritual meanings in India where she grew up.


We are continuing the idea of the fifth Sunday of a month being a “Café Church”, and our third will be on Sunday 31st July, when we will be concentrating on the theme of “Growth”.  Probably not with another board game, but there is bound to be an interesting, informative and enjoyable way to look at and discuss that subject whilst we drink our coffee and munch on cake and biscuits, so do come along to join in the fun!