After Church Coffee Podcast

After Church Coffee is a conversational podcast that emerges out of the worshipping life of our community. In the latest episode we celebrate the extent to which literature has helped us through the current pandemic and talk to two writers, Sue Woolley and Miles Salter, about the spirituality of writing.

Listen to “The Spirituality of Writing” on Spreaker.



Well-known to many of us, Sue Woolley, is not only a district Unitarian minister, blogger and the author of two previous books, but is now a novelist as well.

One Foot in Front of the Other tells the story of a recently widowed woman whose relationship with alcohol has become rather dependent. It is a story of loss and love, in which the idea of a normal life (in inverted commas) is revealed to be something of a misnomer.








Miles Salter is a storyteller, musician, and poet based in York. He presents the Yorvik Radio Arts Show and has published several books, including, most recently, Fix which explores the big questions of life, our connection to the past, our hopes for the future, and why there are no rock songs about cheese.