Are you Unitarian?

Are you a Unitarian without knowing it? Explore the essentials of the values we share…

We believe that:

  • Everyone has the right to seek truth and meaning for themselves.
  • The fundamental tools for doing this are your life experiences, your reflection upon it, your intuitive understanding and the promptings of your own conscience.
  • The best setting for this is a community that welcomes you for who you are, complete with your beliefs, doubts and questions.
  • In the spirit of civil and religious liberty, equality of respect and opportunity is for everyone.

We can be called religious ‘liberals’:

  • Religious because we unite to celebrate and affirm values that embrace and reflect a greater reality than self.
  • Liberal because we claim no exclusive revelation or status for ourselves.
  • We afford respect and toleration to those who follow different paths of faith.

We are called ‘Unitarians’:

  • Because of our traditional insistence on divine unity, the oneness of God.
  • Because we affirm the essential unity of humankind and of creation.

Unitarianism is an open-minded and individualistic approach to faith that gives scope for a very wide range of beliefs and doubts.  Religious freedom for each individual is at the heart of Unitarianism. Everyone has the right to search for meaning in life and reach their own conclusions.

Unitarians see diversity and pluralism as valuable rather than threatening. They want faith to be broad, inclusive, and tolerant. Unitarianism can therefore include people who are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Pagan, “New Age”, Agnostic and Atheist – or have a set of beliefs which combines elements of all of these!